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Hrast lužnjak

Red Oak (Quercus robur L.)

is considered to be the most precious and honorable tree in our region. It can reach the height of 40 m, thickness of 2,5 m and the age from 500 to 800 years. More »


Crna roda

Black Stork (Ciconia nigra L.)

is a migratory bird that arrives to our region in March, and leaves in September and October. The stork lays 4 to 6 eggs in the nest, and usually raises two young ones. More »


Obični jelen

Red Deer (Cervus elaphus)

Kopački rit is one of the most well known red deer habitats. Floods play a very important role in the movement dynamics of the red deer population. More »


Grimizni kaćun

Lady Orchid (Orchis purpurea Huds.)

Is a herbaceous perennial with its stalks and bulbs under the ground. The height is from 30 to 80 cm. The blossom is large and spectacular with plenty flowers. More »



World Wetlands Day

Mar '11

World Wetlands DayWorld Wetlands Day was celebrated on March 21, 2011, when Kopački rit Nature Park participated in a scientific-professional congress under the theme title "Water for All", which was held at The Faculty of Food Technology in Osijek. Representatives of Kopački rit Nature Park presented the results of the monitoring of biotic and abiotic factors in the Nature Park.

The nature wakes as the new tourist season starts in Kopački rit

Mar '11

New seasonThis year's tourist season in Kopački rit Nature Park started with the first sunrays on March 12, 2011. Visitors could enjoy many programs that we offer in the Park together with the beauty of the waking of our flora and fauna.
One of the most attractive programs is bicycle riding where you can rent a bicycle at Kopački rit's Visitor Centre. Prof. dr. sci. Srećko Tomas, the Chairman of Kopački rit's Administrative Council and Biserka Vištica, prof., the director of the Nature Park opened the bicycle season. We kindly invite all visitors to come to Kopački rit and enjoy the beauty of nature. We would also like to remind you that you could participate in our projects called "Adopt a bird" and "Plant a tree and an alley shall arise".

Beaver monitoring

Mar '11

Beaver monitoringAfter the Winter Marsh Bird Count in Kopački rit, beaver monitoring started this year, when employees set up cameras in the Park. Four cameras were set up with censors that are able to trace the beaver population in Kopački rit. All cameras are placed in areas where beaver tracks and their activities have been discovered. Snapshots of these beavers will be regularly checked every week depending on the weather conditions.

Winter Marsh bird Count

Jan '11

CountingKopački rit Nature Park's Management Office has started with the "Winter Bird Count". The Park's employees monitored the area of Kopački rit Nature Park where marshbirds dwell during the wintertime. They used different methods for counting in order to determine the approximate number of the marsh birds. The data of "Winter Bird Count" will be pronounced on World Wetlands Day on February 2, 2011.

"Plant a tree and an alley shall arise" – Fruit-tree Planting in Kopački rit Nature Park

Nov '10

Plant a tree and an alley shall ariseWild Walnuts, Black and White Mulberries and Wild Cherries will soon create shade for sport anglers along the fishing trail by the Podunavlje canals. The hardworking employees of Kopački rit Nature Park have planted 153 tree seedlings until now, as part of the "Plant a tree and an alley shall arise" activity, from "Eblin" farm to Kozjak settlement, by the Podunavlje canals. These fruit-trees are indigenous wild species that have been adapted to the planted area. The tree seedlings are donations from many friends of Kopački rit. We thank them all for their contribution to the Park.
This is just the beginning, planting activities will continue. Our goal is to plant 700 tree seedlings. Hereby we kindly invite you to take part and financially help us to implement this project. After completing this activity, the alley will be marked with a sign, thanking all the participants. For information about this activity please contact 00385 31/285-391.

New exhibition setup in the Bio-ecological station

Nov '10

New exhibition setup in the Bio-ecological stationA permanent exhibition has been set up in the Bio-ecological station within Tikveš Castle Complex. From now on, all visitors of Kopački rit Nature Park can additionally visit the exhibition as well.
The exhibits represent the most common plant and animal species of Kopački rit. We would like to put a special emphasis on our herbarial collection, bird egg collection and nocturnal butterfly collection. Visit the exhibition in Tikveš Castle Complex and learn something new about Kopački rit Nature Park.

Second Conference on Native Breeds and Plant Varieties as part of the natural and cultural heritage with international participation

Sep '10

The State Institution for Nature Protection, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, organized a 2nd Conference on Native Breeds and Plant Varieties as part of the natural and cultural heritage with international participation in Poreč from September 22 - 24. On this occasion, in the biodiversity and agricultural environment section, project partners ARK Nature and Kopački rit Nature Park briefly presented their project "Habitat Restoration and Tourism Development in Kopački rit"" whose implementation is in process.

pdf Nature's call for herbivory.pdf
pdf Nature's call for herbivory_2nd Conference On Native Breeds.pdf

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